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From Surgery


  • Get plenty of rest, move only as much as is required.

  • DO NOT overdo it or strain yourself.

  • Do not pick up anything heavier than a cup of coffee or a full kettle.

  • DO NOT lift your arms above your head (although you might be able to actually do it), it causes fluid build-up and can cause complications. 

  • DO NOT bend over or forward.

  • Drink plenty of water, water aids healing. Drinking plenty of fluids can speed up the wound healing process. WIthout proper hydration, the wound won’t receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs for healing, according to Wound Source. If you make it a priority to drink plenty of fluids every day, your wound will have a better chance of healing faster.

  • Make sure to avoid caffeine, alcohol, excessive sugar, and salt as they can all slow healing by depleting your body of nutrients.

  • 1000mg Vitamin C supplements. It helps accelerate the healing time, post-surgery. It promotes new collagen synthesis and helps your surgical wounds heal faster.

  • L-Glutamine. One of the best natural supplements used to repair your gut. Body builders use it to repair tearing from building muscles. L-Glutamine is an amino acid (building block for proteins), found within the body naturally.

  • Vitamin E or Wheat Germ Oil. The supplements may be used both internally and externally. Internally, Vitamin E will help with the reducing infection, but will also contribute to the building blocks needed in healing. Once the wound has begun to self suture, the oil can be used to reduce the occurrence of scarring.

  • Zinc is critical to wound healing. Surgery and/or trauma can decrease the levels of Zinc in your body and needs to be replenished. 

  • High protein meals following surgery and at least 1-2 months prior to surgery. Your body needs a high amount of protein and iron. Your muscles have been potentially damaged, moved, manipulated during the surgical procedure and now needs to repair these muscles. Amino acids in the protein help repair these muscles damaged by regenerating tissue and speeding up wound healing. Iron will help you repair your energy levels a lot quicker, as iron creates new blood cells. 

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